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Knowing Your Battle Space - Part 4

This post in the series starts looking at an extended view of the rich data you have available in Dark Falcon. We are constantly finding new ways of interacting with the ATT&CK tactic and there ratings in our environment. What we cover in this article is just a beginning to what is possible and we are excited to hear from others on what they are doing. As always this code is in the DarkFalcon GitHub repo,

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Knowing Your Battle Space - Part 1

As defenders, there are many times our priorities are being determined by forces outside of our control. We are being guided by urgent projects, never ending vulnerabilities, sensational headlines, and over promised technologies. Meanwhile, real attackers continue to try to exploit our IT infrastructure and our End Users. The sophistication level of an average attack on the enterprise environment is increasing by the day and the average burnout of a defender is increasing by the minute. At some point, you start asking yourself are we always just suppose to lose?

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Blastin and Castin - Part 1

Over a 4 part series of posts we hope to outline what worked for us in reducing our infections as a result of phishing from 40% to less than 5% without any end user interaction. We know this sounds ridiculous but hang in there and you will see how a bit of creativity and grit can get similar results for you.

Part 1 is all about making email logs useful to enable our hunting efforts.

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